How does V Wash Protect Female Hygiene

How does V-Wash Protect Female Hygiene

Keeping the vagina clean, irritation-free, sweat-free, safe from any infections or burning sensations, or even getting rid of any kind of bad odor is a key factor contributing to a woman’s overall health. This sense of hygiene and care for a woman’s vaginal area brings out questions like “Is cleaning your vagina with water enough?” or “Are there other ways to protect one’s vagina?”

The answer to these questions considering if there’s a better approach to cleaning the vagina is V wash. V wash is a clinically approved wash lotion that helps in keeping a woman’s vagina clean. Odour-free, safe from any irritation or burning sensation, and protected from any kind of infection.

One can easily buy v wash in Pakistan through various pharmacies or online websites and very suitable and reasonable prices. V wash 100 ml price in Pakistan is just PKR 1800.

How does V-Wash Protect the Vaginal Area?

V wash is a cleaning agent that consists of many ingredients that prove beneficial for a woman’s vagina and the combination of them can do wonders in protecting one of the most personal and important parts of a woman’s body. The ingredients used in V wash are mentioned below,

  • Lactic Acid
  • Tea Tree oil
  • Arbutin
  • Aloe Vera
  • Pro Vitamin B3 and B5

The explanation of how some of these ingredients protect the vagina and enhance v wash hygiene is given below,

Tea Tree OilTea Tree Oil

Over the years, tea tree oil has been proven useful in fighting skin issues, and for the same reason it comes in handy for the vaginal part as well, It has antifungal properties that prevent infections and smooths the vaginal skin.

Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid enhances the work of the bacteria called Lactobacillus. This bacteria helps in keeping the amount of lactic acid present inside the vagina at a healthy level and also protects the vagina from other harmful bacteria.

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