What is myoinositol and its benefits

What is Myo-inositol and Its Benefits

Inositol is a chemical compound found in many foods as well as the body. Its main function is to balance the chemicals in the body thus helping with a lot of conditions.

You are likely curious about myo-inositol, this article will talk in detail about myo-inositol, what is it, how to take it as well as its benefits.

What is Myo-Inositol?

Myoinsitol is a type of inositol. Inositol has 9 types. This substance produces naturally from glucose despite not being a sugar. myo-inositol is a sort of vitamin from the vitamin B group. Although it is not deemed as an important nutrient a normal human body produces enough to support itself. However, myo-inositol is not only found in the human body but also food such as organ meat as well as nuts.

If the body makes a sufficient amount of myo-inositol then why take it? Many people suffering from insulin sensitivity benefit from myo-inositol as it helps mediate the actions of insulin.

Studies have also shown myo-inositol plays an important role in improving PCOS. other than this it is also an important element for people since PCOS is the most effective factor that causes infertility in women, myo-inositol has shown improved fertility by helping with the condition of PCOS.

How to Take Myo-inositol?Girls hand with ovasitole

Taking myo-inositol has proven to improve a lot of conditions thus it is a lot popular. If you want to take myo-inositol for mental health conditions it is best advised to take it daily for 4 to 6 weeks. The quantity should be 12-18 grams. However, if you are taking myo-inositol for PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome it is advised to take it twice daily for 6 months. The quantity should be 2 grams of myo-inositol with 200 mcg of folic acid. The best myo-inositol supplement is ovasitol.

These quantities are generally advised and should be avoided without the consultation of a doctor. It is best to consult your doctor before taking anything to improve a certain condition.

Is Myo-inositol Safe?

Myoinsoltol is completely safe to use and has mild to no side effects. If you are taking it as a supplement it is likely the dosage is from 2 -18 grams. Our body also produces 1 gram thus low dosage will show no side effects.

However, if you are taking 12 to 18 grams, some consumers have reported feeling slight stomach pains as well as an upset stomach. Added to this a slight reduction in the dosage improved the symptoms. Other than this, if you are concerned about whether Is myo-inositol safe for pregnant women, it showed no side effects for pregnant women consuming 2 grams of myo-inositol.

Benefits of Myo-inositol?Benefits of Myo-inositol

Here are some of the popular myo-inositol uses:

1. Improves insulin sensitivity

Insulin is critical for controlling blood sugar levels in the human body. However, many people suffer from insulin sensitivity which stops the body’s ability to respond to insulin. The consumption of myo-inositol results in the production of molecules that are related to insulin action in your cells.

2. Myo-inositol and PCOS

Many women suffer from infertility due to PCOS syndrome. It occurs when a woman’s body produces a high amount of hormones at an abnormal level. Many studies have shown that the consumption of the supplement myo-inositol has resulted in positive effects for women dealing with PCOS which further leads to infertility. It has proven to work even better than other cures of PCOS.

3. Improves Depression

myo-inositol is taken also to improve mental health conditions. 12-18 grams of its dosage are taken daily by people suffering from mental health problems like depression and anxiety.


How does taking myo-inositol make you feel?

Taking a moderate dosage of myo-inositol makes you feel okay. It does not have any major side effects thus resulting in making you feel completely fine.

Who should not take myo-inositol?

myo-inositol has shown great results in women suffering from PCOS and infertility. This does not indicate that it can be taken by every other woman who is trying to conceive but only by those who have the condition PCOS.

Does consuming myo-inositol result in irregular periods?

Women suffering from PCOS take myo-inositol to reinstate periods and many results prove it successful. Studies have shown that during its consumption 88 percent of women do face a spontaneous period. 

How long does myo-inositol takes?

Many people consuming it are disappointed when they do not see results within a few days. However, this supplement takes a little time to show results. You will be able to see results after about 3 months.

Final Words

Whether is it insulin sensitivity or PCOS or a  mental health condition, myo-inositol has proven to show positive results for a lot of conditions!

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