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Itching In Vagina | How Does V Wash Reduce Vaginal Itching?


Many women experience vaginal itching at least a few times in their lives. While there are a few causes of this problem, it can be extremely irritating. Thus it is important to look for ways or solutions to prevent it.

Intimate washes are popular to deal with such problems. It is widely known that v-wah is made to reduce such problems.

If you want to know how v wash reduces vaginal itching, you have come to the right place.

What is Vwash?

V-wash is an intimate wash that does a great job of maintaining vaginal hygiene and pH balance. Added to this, it is not made from any harsh chemicals. It is sulfate, paraben, and fragrance-free. Hence making it a safe product with little to no side effects.

What Causes Vaginal Itchiness?Causes of Itchy Vagina

There are numerous reasons why vaginal itchiness occurs. Many women face it while going through menopause or poor hygiene during periods. While infections like bacterial infections or yeast infections can also be the cause of it.

Mainly, infections occur due to the imbalance of pH level.

How to Reduce Vaginal Itchiness Through V-Wash

Vaginal itchiness can be reduced by using intimate washes like V-Wash.

The two major factors of vaginal itchiness are poor hygiene during menstruation and infection due to pH imbalance.

V-Wash can be used during periods to maintain hygiene, and its regular use maintains the ph balance, further reducing infections. Thus regular usage of v-wash hygiene which is once daily will contribute to reducing vaginal itchiness to a great extent.

Final words

The v-wash price in Pakistan is about Rs 3000. You can start using it daily to improve hygiene and your vaginal pH balance to stop vaginal itchiness!

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