CHOL-D Vitamin D3 10,000 I.U Review

CHOL-D Vitamin D3 10,000 I.U Review

Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus. It also aids in the prevention of osteoporosis, rickets, and other bone diseases. A deficiency of vitamin D3 can lead to muscle weakness and bone pain.

Vitamin D

vitamin D is a nutrient that is fat soluble. It is a part of most of food and is a compulsory dietary supplement. Exposure to sunlight is one way the body can get vitamin D. People who do not get enough sun exposure or who have dark skin may need to take a supplement to get enough vitamin D.

It promotes absorption of calcium and maintains proper amount of calcium in serum. Furthermore, it maintains phosphate concentrations for normal bone mineralization and protects the body from hypocalcemia.

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide; vitamin D has been shown to reduce cancer cell growth. A new study published in the journal Science shows that vitamin D can help control infections and reduce cancer risk.

Types of vitamin DTypes of vitamin D

It is available in three dietary supplementary forms

  • Vitamin D2 or ergocalciferol
  • Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol

Both these are quite different by source. Understanding the difference between the two is necessary before taking any supplement.

Vitamin D2

It is an essential nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus. It also helps to maintain the strength of bones. Vitamin D2, also known as ergocalciferol, is a type of vitamin D. This vitamin is important for many functions in the body, including bone health and immunity. Vitamin D2 is found in plants. The basic sources of this vitamin are wild mushrooms, and fortified foods including cereals and milk. Most people get enough vitamin by taking sunlight. However, some people may need to take a supplement or eat foods that are fortified with this vitamin.

The recommended dietary allowance of vitamin D2 is about 1000-2000 IU daily.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is a nutrient that is essential for human health. It is necessary to absorb calcium, which helps build strong bones and teeth. Without enough vitamin D3, people can develop rickets, which causes weak and deformed bones. Vitamin D3 also helps to protect against osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Source of vitamin D3Vitamin d3 foods

It is mainly found in animal sources such as fish oil, fatty fish, liver, and egg yolks.

Egg yolks: one egg yolk has 41IU (7% of RDA of vitamin D)

Cooked salmon: 3 ounces contains 447 IU (74.5% of the RDA).

Drained Canned tuna: 3 ounces contain 154 IU (26% of the RDA).

Cod liver oil: 1 tablespoon provides 1,360 IU (227% of the RDA).

Swordfish:  85 grams contains 566 IU (94% of the RDA).

Beef liver: 3 ounces provides 42 IU (7% of the RDA).

Mushrooms: 1 cup offers 32.8 IU (5.5% of the RDA).

Benefits of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin that plays a key role in many of the body’s functions. The body can manufacture small amounts of vitamin D3 from sunlight if certain skin conditions are present.

When we take vitamin D from any dietary source, it is converted from dietary Vit D into a storage form. During a blood test, this stored form is measured. At the time of need, the kidney converts this into an active form which is used by the body. Vitamin D3 has more benefits as compared to vitamin D2

  • It plays an important role in maintaining the blood calcium and phosphorus level and protects the human from heart diseases.
  • It also plays an important role in reducing cancer.
  • It is also necessary to keep in check the optimum level of vitamin D in blood as its low concentration leads to sclerosis and a high risk of fracture.

Recommended Dietary Allowance

Recommended dietary allowance is 1000-2000 IU.

The amount of vitamin D depends upon age, lifestyle, blood vitamin D, location, and other factors. However, according to research, in the US, 400-800 IU fulfills the needs of 97-98% of people.

The high level of vitamin D in the blood lowers the 50% colorectal cancer risk as compared to 12ng/ml of vitamin D. if you daily take 25 mcg or 1000 IU it will increase the vitamin D level up to 50% of 33 ng/ml while 2000 IU leads to increase vitamin D level up to 33 ng/ml.

According to Age

Age Recommended amount
Birth to 1 year   1000 IU
1-13 years children   1500 IU
14-18 Years   1500-3000 IU
19-70 years adults   4000 IU or more
71 years or more adults   5000 IU or more
Pregnant women   4000 IU

Deficiency of vitamin D3 leads to

Deficiency of vitamin D3 results in

  • Osteoporosis and bone fracture
  • Cancer but keep in mind high level of vitamin D leads to pancreatic cancer
  • Increases the blood pressure and leads to heart problems
  • Depression
  • Rickets and osteomalacia

Symptoms of Deficiency of Vitamin D3Symptoms of Deficiency of Vitamin D3

A lack of vitamin D3 can lead to deficiency symptoms such as

  • fatigue,
  • bone pain
  • muscle weakness
  • incorrect bending of joints
  • blood contains less than 12 ng/ml of vitamin D

Vitamin D3 and Covid-19

As we know about the outbreak of a new coronavirus, named SARS-CoV-2 declared by WHO in March 2020. This virus causes a respiratory illness called COVID-19. The WHO declared the outbreak a pandemic because of the speed and spread of the virus. As of June 2020, there are over 8 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over 400,000 deaths globally. The WHO is working with governments and health officials around the world to try to contain the virus and prevent further spread.

A new study has found that taking vitamin D3 supplements may help to prevent Covid-19. The study, which is still in its early stages, looked at a group of people who were all given a daily dose of vitamin D3. The results showed that the group who took the supplement was significantly less likely to develop Covid-19 than the group who did not take the supplement. It was observed that a normal vitamin D level is 30ng/ml of blood while those with lower vitamin D levels have severe covid symptoms.

The study is still in its early stages, and more research needs to be done to confirm these findings.

The study, which was a meta-analysis of data from over 30,000 patients, found that those with lower vitamin D levels were more likely to experience severe symptoms and require proper treatment.

This is an important finding as it suggests that something as simple as increasing vitamin D levels could help to reduce the severity of COVID-19 infections. Vitamin D is easily available and can be taken in supplement form, making it a potentially low-cost intervention for reducing the severity of this disease.

Vitamin D3 and CHOL-D Vitamin D3 10,000 I.UVitamin D3 and CHOL-D Vitamin D3 10,000 I.U (1)

Although there are many natural dietary sources you can take to fulfill our body requirements, doctors recommend vitamin D3 supplements for a healthy lifestyle. A number of studies have shown that vitamin D3 supplements can help improve bone density and reduce the risk of fractures, especially in older people.

Supplementing with vitamin D3 can help improve overall health, but it is important to choose a high-quality supplement. CHOL-D Vitamin D3 10,000 I.U is a recently introduced medicine that provides many beneficial effects to fulfill the body’s vitamin d3 requirement.

It plays an important role in

  • Providing a healthy immune system
  • Making the bone and teeth strong and healthy
  • Enhancing the power of calcium absorption in blood
  • Preventing muscle stretching
  • Regulating the calcium level

How to use CHOL-D vitamin D3?

If you are looking for a high-quality vitamin D3 supplement, look no further than CHOL-D Vitamin D3 10,000 I.U. This supplement is perfect for those who want to maintain their health and improve their bone density. It is a cost-effective, risk-free supplement formulated according to the body’s requirements. Here are some tips on how to use CHOL-D Vitamin D3 10,000 I.U.:

  • Take one capsule daily with a meal, or as
  • directed by your healthcare professional.
  • For best absorption, take this supplement with fat-containing foods such as fish, eggs, or milk.

Avoid taking your vitamin D3 dose along with other medications, such as Bile acid sequestrants, as they decrease the absorption of the vitamin D. you can also take this medicine before bedtime.

You can take this medicine daily but keep in mind, take the dose at the same time every time. If you take medicine once a week, try to take it on the same day every week. Consult with your doctor and if possible, follow the special diet recommended by your doctor for effective results.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a quality vitamin D3 supplement, the CHOL-D Vitamin D3 10,000 I.U is the best option for maintaining the vitamin D level in the blood. It is affordably priced and comes in a convenient tablet form. A money-back guarantee also backs it, so you can try it risk-free.

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