Can Women use V wash during Periods

Can Women use V Wash During Periods?

The vaginal health of the woman is directly related to her overall health. Keeping the vagina clean and protecting it from all kinds of infections and irritations is very important for women. The vagina is a very sensitive part of a woman’s body and needs to be cared for. For cleaning purposes and preventing any kind of irritation, V wash brings the best solution to one’s doorstep. On normal days and during pregnancy V wash can prove to be one of the best companions a woman can get. But the question arises “Can the use of V wash be beneficial in every situation”. This article guides you through every situation.

V wash benefits

V wash is very beneficial for the daily cleaning of a woman’s vagina and in protecting her from many diseases and vaginal infections. Some of the things that V wash protects one’s vagina from,

  • Vaginal smell
  • Irritation
  • Vaginal infections fungal and non-fungal
  • Burning sensation
  • Dryness
  • Maintaining the pH level of vaginal fluid
  • Liquid discharge of the vaginal fluid

Irrespective of the many benefits of V wash, it is not always beneficial to use V wash. As there are also prescribed use of V wash per day, there are also days when one can’t use V wash.

Situations in which V wash is not suggested

V wash is not beneficial to be used in period days. The vaginal part of a woman’s body becomes quite sensitive during these days, there’s continuous blood flowing out of a woman’s vagina, so the use of any kind of cleansing agent other than natural and clean water can prove to be harmful to a woman’s vagina. Thus, the use of V wash is not suggested during periods. As of normal days, one should just use V wash once or twice per day.

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